Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hey my people, Caring for plants is actually harder than I anticipated. I recently found out that when the plant doesn't get adequate amounts of red or blue light from the sun the plant might not grow very well.

I'm convinced that my plant needs low light meaning that it doesn't need to be exposed to direct sunlight, because when it was exposed to very bright light the leaves started to shrink , but when it was to low light it staeted to grow very well and I also noticed that new flowers started to pop out. for optimum plant care, I had to perform weekly maintenance by changing the water three times a week.

 Today my group and I went to see the fish, and we ound out that the fish is growing well and the jar is algae free and as a result the jar is clear, the colour of our fish is red and the fish is healthy because when we went to see it, it was very active. it was swimming round and round. The plant is growing relatively well compared to other plants. And our fish made a bubble nest.

while we were up there I noticed something strange, other people's jar was full of algae and the water was gloomy it was evident that the water had not been changed for a long time. The fish seemed stress as it wasn't active compared to others

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