Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I was assigned to fish BWI1 and I have observed the growth in that plant is extremely better than the growth of my plant at home. The plant has grown thick and seems to
be so healthy in comparison to my plant at home. There are several differences between my plant at home and the plant in the lab with the fish, one obvious observation I made was that the roots of the plant with the betta fish is extremely thin but very long, whereas the roots of my plant at home is a thick full bunch.MY plant at home has bloomed one flower already and three more buds has grown, but the BWI1 plant has no flowers yet.I have also noticed that none of the plants with fish has had any bugs on them whereas my plant, as I have mentioned earlier, has had mealie bugs , so the environment in which the two sets of plants is growing in is also affecting the growth of the plants.

Overall BWI1 is in much better condition than my hypoestes at home, this must be due to the fact that within the plant and fish system there is a nitrogen cycle present whereas my plant is in a completely un cycled system.

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  1. wow ur plant looks like ours we also have the white plants just that ours are separated by a barrier.it looks really fresh though,ours has even grown flowers and urs?