Sunday, 7 April 2013

An interesting label I came across is one I found on a clover milk carton.
 the blurry caption reads "Tetra Pack Cartons are mainly made from paperboard a renewable resource from well managed forests."
the label that does not appear so well in the photograph is this one.
Paperboard, a cousin to cardboard, and also known as box board and container board is really, thicker paper. At some places you’ll find that paperboard may be combined with shredded paper due to the ‘lower grade’ or length of the paper threads. The trick in recycling paperboard is to evaluate the type you have – normal paperboard, shiny paperboard (most product packaging), a food to-go or take away paperboard box (though if heavily soiled can contaminate the other paper in the recycling process; through biodegrading of the food remnants). You’ll need to evaluate the paperboard and condition of the paperboard at the point of separation for recycling.

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