Saturday, 13 April 2013


After buying a 1litre milk cartoon(PnP product), i decided at a later stage that i actually wanted to see the recycling symbol for it. Sad enough i could not find any.

This made me a bit curious and the first thing that came on my mind was that this cartoon is actually unuseful, it forms part of the cradle-to-grave system. I decided to open it and this is what i found.

If we can recall from our previous lectures, we were told that the foil inside makes it difficult to recycle a product like this. The only recyclable part of this milk cartoon i found was the lid.

the recyclying symbol for this lid was the one below, and i found a bit unusual from those i have learnt in class, and i could not find the explaination for it.

As upcoming environmentalists, when need to eliminate products like these that are only about 5% recyclable. We need to find new ways to store our milk, if we continue this way we are killing the planet.

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