Thursday, 4 April 2013


The plastic container selected is a dawn men can be converted into various products and be used again as it has that 5 in the triangle arrow. it is basically pp and might not be quit easy to convert it. When touching the plastic it feels strong and not easy to destroy it or break. What I have noticed is that most cosmetic product are packaged in these kinds of plastics, with the high value at between the arrows. have a look at the other example below.

This is Vaseline for men face. The number surrounded by the circle arrows is 7 and written other on the side.However it is easy to burn than the other one at the top and feels soft when touching it. The example displayed above however has both strong plastic in both the lid of the container and the the container itself. in this Vaseline it is different as the lid is super strong, i think its strong as the container above while the bottom part of it is a soft plastic.

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