Friday, 19 April 2013


This is Century City drop and go recycling facility situated at Century Avenue public transport interchange. Here there are different coloured bins that enable the community to drop off and seperate their waste for recycling. Every colour of each bin gives direction to the disposer of what to dispose and where.

Navy bin- Paper disposal
Green bin- Glass disposal
Yellow bin- Plastic disposal
Blue bin- Can disposal

I should say that this is a very interesting project and it reduces unnecessary disposal sites that harm the environment. We need more projects like these in different areas, this project is also practiced in Port Elizabeth in Summerstrand suburbs. I think the municipalities should also consider taking these kinds of projects in townships where disposal is atmost.

Summerstrand recycling project

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  1. someone should design a bin like this for each and every household to use instead of the black bin that were're currently using. It would make it easier for people to recycle since recycling requires a lot of effort and persistence which is the reason why people become uninterested after a while.