Friday, 12 April 2013


Generally pigs are classified as animals that are typically found merely dirty. Nevertheless in this world of
ours as everyone knows that clean things are likely to be acceptable or liked the most in the society. We turn  not to consider the importance of a particular thing, but attracted by the physical properties of it. How good and attractive the food is important to most people than what you literally attain after eating the food. I belonged to that group of people, but after watching the pigs video my mindset was transformed completely.
 I never thought that pigs could be so essential the way people in rural areas treat them. I mean one area in Kwazulu Natal province called slangsprait in Pietamaritzburg, Pigs are everywhere they happened to be owned  by someone in the year 2006 but then He passed away, now it is pathetic to see all the pigs all over the place there were about 290 at that time He obtained them and about 3 to 4 pigs die every week instantly. This is due to people living in that area, they reckon that you see a pig should kill, for simple reason that they are not good for their crops. Some are hit  by cars when trying to cross the road and guess what, they celebrate that moment if they see a pig lying on the road. One reason I say looked down upon them is because I once belonged to that group. After seeing that video clip that pigs make or contribute in making 135 products in this  world that most of them make our lives sustainable in small or great way, I was shocked and  ashamed because i hated pigs and thought that they were not at all useful than producing meet with lot of fat that stimulates issues for human health. I now respect them but  the big and foremost question that I am asking myself  is weather its feasible to transform the minds of those people so we swim in the same water, is it possible? I now love pigs because they love me by giving me these vital products.

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