Thursday, 11 April 2013


Greetings to all my name is Nomanesi Makhonco. In the ESS module we are currently doing a section on labelling and recycling. There are two separate categories that recycling can be divided into namely; recyclable and recycled .You may ask yourself what is the difference between these two, well as I have recently learned the difference is that the recyclable means that the product can be used again as for the recycled it means that the product contains material that has been recycled.

There are many symbols used to represent these two and to my surprise I only knew a few let alone what they meant in a way ESS has been an eye opener for me. Here are some of the recyclable symbols that I have found at my house, It is amazing how we miss such important things when they are right in front of us and then we cry negligence towards companies when we too do not take note of their interventions. We need to start working with these companies to prevent the catastrophe that would occur if we stopped recycling. Let us not blame one another but let us work towards one goal and that is to work towards a better future for us and the world its self.

As you can see the first picture shows ARROWS going around the number 7 and at the bottom the text says “OTHER”. This is a plastic symbol that I took from a tea bag plastic the company that the product comes from is GLEN, as can be seen the product is recyclable. Now on to serious business the “Ă“THER’’ includes any resin not specifically numbered 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 or combinations of one or more of these resins.
The second product is that of the company BOKOMO, the product’s name is Weetbix. The product contains three arrows going around. The text under the symbol says ‘’RECYCLABLE FOR THE FUTURE. The symbol is a modification of the traditional recyclable symbol that only contains white arrows. The modifications vary from company to company.recycling is a responsibility for all of us so let us all start paying attention.

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  1. I recently bought a lap top and as I opened it guess what I saw right in front of my eyes it was the plastic cover of the keyboard of the laptop and it had a recycling label on it.What amazed me about this was the fact that had I not learned about recycling I would have not taken note and would have thrown the thing away but because I had more knowledge about it I did not throw it away because I knew that the plastic belonged with the pvc group and would take along time to break down and in this way I would be contributing to pollution.